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A little of his history

He works with Gerardo Rueda in the painting and patines of different metallic pieces

Curiaqui was born in Madrid on 29 of June 1965, From a very young age he would join his father in the workshop, where he would coat his hands in pigments, oil, and vegetal glue.

At 15 he joins the staff as a drawer for the cinema and theatre world, decorating the posters that would get put up on the cinema facade in Madrid, as well as working on stage desing at the theater.

In 1988 he moves when he is hired by a scenography company in Baecelona, were he works on interior and exterior design through big murals in clubs and restaurants. During this time, he paints portraits and still-lives with the realism surrounding his youth.

At the same time, he collaborates with the main producers in the decoration of various film productions in Madrid as well as in Barcelona.

He works with Gerardo Rueda in the painting and patines of different metallic pieces for a great statue sculpted by this artist.

In 2001 he begins his entrepreneurial activity, starting a design and image online company. He travels to the USA in 2002 to visit Warner and Disney studios with a company to learn new sculptural and decorative techniques.

From the start he combines his entrepreneurial activity with his work at the studio, where he leams about artists such as Auerbach and Nicolas de Staël, which makes his realist art evolve into a more creative and personal style while keeping the basic techniques for oil and wood. His clients encourage this change, which results in a rise in the demand for this new style.

From 2019 he adapts to the ever-growing digital world, where he launches his Web and brand, which is present in various event and exhibitions.


Following the style of my last works, I wanted to give them a new direction. I did it changing the backgrounds and adding textiles to create different textures.


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The feeling of the work

Since the beggining, Curiaqui depicts the reality around him in a more subjetive manner, transforming his general vision of each moment in an impressionist and personalized way.
Seeking a different approach with the malleability or oil painting and giving way to the pasting and carving or the material with his palette knife, playing with the light and discovering different angles.
He captures moments and feelings puhing the physical level of the image into the background. He transforms the piece through nuances, patines and glazes.
He tries to find the colorsstraight on the canvas, mixing and stirring them on the base and thus allowing himself to be surprised in a transcendental manner, as if unveiling the artwork from the outside and losing the objectivity of having the reins of the execution.

Selected works in awards and competitions

57 Premio Reina Sofia Spain

Work selected by the jury.

87 Autumn Salon in Madrid

Work selected by the jury

250th Anniverdary of Goya birth

Collective exposition

Thematic exhibition «Interior painting: still life»

Collective exposition

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